Bridal Services

Using the high quality cosmetic our makeup artists can create your perfect look for any occasion. The makeup application includes: skin cleaning and primer, foundation/powder, blush, concealer, highlight/contouring , eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, brows fill in and lip colour. If you would like to boost your look the false lashes set can help to open your eyes more, making your look bright-eyed and alert.

Makeup – $65.00
Makeup&Lashes – $80.00

The Bridal Party

Let our artists to create a stunning look for the most important day in your life, the day you and your family have dreamed of ever since you were a little girl. These additional packages for all those helping to ensure our brides are stunningly beautiful for the big day.

Hair Styling&Makeup with Lashes – $165.00
Hair Styling – $95.00
Makeup&Lashes – $80.00
Blowout – $55.00
Blowout &Makeup with Lashes – $125.00
Flower girl/Junior Bridesmaid style (12 and under) – $50.00
Flower girl/Junior Bridesmaid style and Makeup (12 and under) – $75.00

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